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1/3 Food Pan Drain Shelf (6 pieces)

compatible with the new stainless steel pans!

6 x Cambro Food Pan Drain Shelf 1/3 Size, transparent color

Rinse, drain, prep and store in one pan
1" (2,5 cm) depth between colander and food pan allows for ample drainage, ensuring food stays fresh longer.
Ideal for prepped produce, storing food on ice and defrosting meats.
No more soggy tomatoes!
Colander simply lifts out of pan for easy disposal of liquids.
Cook, drain, hold and serve in the same pan
Reduces the risk of time-temperature abuse as pans can go directly from microwave, steamer or oven into steam tables and chafing dishes.
Liquids and hot grease drain away from food, improving food quality

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